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Pizza and politics: Young MT voters watch debate in Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The first ten presidential candidates took the stage at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan Tuesday night for the first night of two CNN Presidential Debates.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Steve Bullock went head to head when it came to taking nuclear weapons off the table or not.

As the sparks and barbs flew, in Bozeman a group of voters watched the debate over pizza.

A Presidential Debate Watch Party was held at Columbo’s Pizza, where about 30 people showed up to the catch the latest Democratic Primary Presidential Debate. The evening was hosted by Forward Montana and MontPIRG, two groups that promote young people’s engagement in politics.

At the event, the crowd of mostly millennial-aged voters played debate bingo and had side conversations about candidate performances.

Story by Gaby Krevat – MTN News

Ken Spencer

Ken Spencer

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