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Dehydration: Know the signs and how to avoid it

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The warm weather is getting people outside and enjoying the trails, but it’s important to be prepared.

Just last week, Gallatin County Search and Rescue had to help a mountain biker who was concerned about passing out due to dehydration. 

It’s easy to not realize just how much water you’ll need, and it’s also just as easy to become dehydrated.

Between the elevation and humidity, your body can lose water quickly.

“When it does get hot and it is humid, you are going to perspire more, just making sure to take that into account and just realizing when you need more fluids,” said Bozeman Health Physician Assistant Brice Suhay. “The thirst mechanism is your body’s first mechanism that you are dehydrated, so if you’re thirsty that means you need to start drinking more water.”

Suhay said its best to hydrate before and after outdoor activity.

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