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Montana Ag Network: Miller Coors hosts Barley Days

POWER – Barley Days is a weekend event that gives Miller-Coors employees a chance to network.

It’s not every day the guys at the Miller Coors grain elevators get to taste test the product, but what better way to know more about your beer than to try it yourself?

“It all starts with the growers. Our barley farmers are many of them multi-generational. They’re dedicated to producing a fantastic crop,” Pete Coors said.

Barley is the early stages of beer, but also the most important.

“First of all, you have to have a great variety of barley. You have to have growers that know how to produce it in a way that it works,” Coors said. “And then you got to have barley that’s good for them but also good for brewing.”

The grain elevator was built in 2013 and the end product is Morivan 165 and Bill Coors 100.

“Montana is responsible for about 25% of all malting barley we use in brewing our beer. It’s just a beautiful place and the barley we get out here is just phenomenal,” Coors said.

But the plant is celebrating other victories too.

“Our entire team is enormously proud of this facility. When you tour the facility it is clean, [a] very efficient operation,” Coors told MTN News.

“So from the standpoint of just looking at an elevator, there’s almost nothing like it. This elevator is receiving the top award from OSAH in terms of safety and quality,” he added.

“As I say, there’s an important link to the whole thing of getting barley from the farmers back to our maltsters to make great beer,” Coors said.

By Elizabeth Transue – MTN News

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