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Butte Pre-Release Center reports 2 Friday walkaways

BUTTE, Mont. – The Butte Pre-Release Center reported two separate walkaways Friday night.

Xander Matt

Xander Matt is 19 years old, is 5 feet, 9 inches, 150 pounds. He has a felony burglary conviction out of Lake County from November 2017. Identifying tattoos include:

Star, “PIRU” Neck, MATT fingers left hand, 5 Dots, Brass Knuckles, “5150 MOB” right hand,  5 pointed star with 5 in the middle of left hand, Eagle right arm, 2 footprints, “Zaden Del Matt” left arm, AK-47 Rifle left leg, US Flag right leg, Arrow left wrist

Francis Burke is 24 years old, 5 feet, 10 inches, 195 pounds. He has convictions for criminal

Francis Burke

endangerment and possession of dangerous drugs. Identifying tattoos include:

Feathers Native Patch Upper Left Arm, Bear Paw on chest (Right Pec)

If you have seen or know the whereabouts of either individual, notify local law enforcement.

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